Top San Diego State University Majors & Degrees

San Diego University has 203-degree program options for students. More so, it has $144 million worth of research grant funding.

These two factors are just a couple of the reasons why so many people seek out this school for their higher education.

Upwards of 10,300 students graduate from the school each year through both bachelor’s and master’s programs. Recognized for its community, 18 athletic teams, and diverse population, it’s one of the most sought-after schools for those across the country. Here’s a look at the top San Diego State University majors offered.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Fowler College of Business

The Fowler College of Business is one of the most recognized business programs in the state. It’s also recognized by the numerous major businesses in the community that typically depend on graduates. Undergraduates are often hired from these programs by companies such as Boeing, Adobe, Apple, Deloitte, and Amazon.

One of the best programs for this opportunity is the Bachelor of Science in Business Management. This degree program focuses heavily on the coordination of money, people, material, and machines to help in the overall progress of a company. Students will complete numerous programs that prepare them for a broad level of managerial positions in companies.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Department of Psychology

San Diego University offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in this field. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology prepares students for a wide range of entry-level positions in addiction treatment, counseling, social work, and marketing. Students gain a lot of experience here due to the range of courses provided along with research programs.

The school also provides students with student placement into positions after they earn their bachelor’s. Though licensing testing may be a requirement for some students, the program prepares students to do well. Some may not be ready to stop learning, and that’s okay with the broad number of master’s programs available.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, School of Public Affairs

San Diego State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice that prepares students for an ever-changing field. This is recognized in the way the school continues to update and modernize this program to meet today’s challenges. Many students complete this as their bachelor’s degree. Others will use it as a stepping stone to complete a graduate degree in a field such as law.

Those ready for the field after their undergraduate degree may work in corrections and parole, social services, or law enforcement. The school works hard to help students to find positions in the field once they do graduate. All around, it’s the ideal choice for students looking to make a difference in an important field.

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Department of Biology

Biology is a large field of study at San Diego State University. In fact, the program has hundreds of options in biology and microbiology to offer with a focus on cellular and molecular biology, ecology, and evolution. Students who complete these programs work on them in state-of-the-art labs with class sizes that are under 30 students.

Even better, many continue out to earn their graduate degree. The Bachelor of Science in Biology is the general study course here that most students start with before choosing a concentration that works for their specific needs.

Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education, School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education program prepares students to work in private and public sector positions with a focus on fitness and health. Students who complete this program typically work as fitness professionals in clinical, commercial, community, or corporate programs.

San Diego State University does a good job of helping students to find those positions through internship opportunities. Many students will also complete a concentration such as in exercise science generalist, fitness specialist, or pre-physical therapy. Some students may then take this to the next level by completing a graduate program in medicine or fitness. The college offers these master’s programs, too.

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