7 Benefits of Living Off-Campus for SDSU Students

Living on campus can be fun. Especially in your freshman year, when many colleges require students to live in the dorms.

The thing is, students who live in the San Diego State University local admissions area don’t have to stay in university housing. Still, to live on campus or not to live on campus is a difficult decision.

While many think of dorm living as the quintessential college experience, living in your apartment offers more privacy, space, and freedom. Here are seven benefits of living off-campus to help you make that crucial choice.

More Privacy Than San Diego State University Dorms

Privacy is possibly one of the most significant benefits of living off-campus while attending San Diego State University. Living in the dorm typically means having at least one roommate – not to mention communal bathrooms. Not only that, but resident assistants (RAs) supervise to ensure students follow the dorm rules – like being in your room at a specific time.

In your place, there are no curfews. But there is a whole lot more privacy than you’ll find in a dorm.

An Apartment Has More Space

Apartments typically have significantly more space than dorm rooms. You’ll probably have more storage, a full-sized kitchen, a separate living room, and a bedroom. Now, you might live in a studio apartment that would be a bit smaller than a one-bedroom, but either way, you still have more privacy and space than on campus.

Plus, you can do little things to make it yours when you share a dorm room. However, in a place of your own, you can go all out and decorate. That means you can pick decor, hang art, and make a cozy place for yourself to come home to after a full day.

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Better Food Choices

Students typically don’t buy groceries when they live on campus. Dorm living usually means using microwaves, hot plates, or eating cafeteria food. And while there might be restaurants on campus, they’re not always open.

Living off-campus means you can order a pizza, Chinese take-out, or uber eats almost anytime. But, better food choices are another essential benefit of living off-campus. You’ll have a kitchen so you can cook your favorite meals.

You can fill your refrigerator and cupboards with healthy foods. After all, better food choices are another essential benefit of living off-campus.

Life Skills

Learning to make a grocery budget, shop, cook, and plan meals are crucial life skills that dorm life doesn’t offer. Plus, you can experiment, try new recipes, even try a vegetarian lifestyle if you want. Of course, budgeting for rent, utilities, transportation, entertainment, medical, and other expenses is a vital life skill you learn by living independently.

Consider that one of the good things about living on campus is that expenses like cable, internet, and utilities are covered. You’ll need to factor costs like these into your monthly budget when you rent an apartment. Additionally, you’re in charge of keeping everything clean.

Here’s the thing, everyone needs to learn these skills, and the feeling of pride and responsibility you get is worth it. Maybe you’ll find out that you love to cook or have a natural design sense. Who knows, you could be a fantastic organizer or planner.

At any rate, when you live off-campus, you’ll learn how to manage your money and take responsibility for your life. Learning those life skills can be as valuable as the college education you get at San Diego State University.

Less Expensive Than San Diego State University Dorms

Living off-campus can be cheaper. You can get a roommate, even more than one. Although you might be trading some of your privacy, there will still be more than in a dorm. Plus, you can pick your roommates. Living with friends and fellow students can be a great way to save money and feel like you’re part of a community.

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Because You Have a Life Outside of School

Many students work odd hours to fit in with classes and classwork. Some students who prefer to live alone usually work more. Freedom has to be one of the main benefits of living off-campus. Living on campus means rules, almost like your boss is living with you.

Living off-campus means you have the freedom to invite people over, stay up late, basically live how you want – and learn the value of downtime.

Rental History: Live Close to San Diego State University

Finally, living in an apartment while you’re in college gives you a chance to establish a rental history. You’re starting your life as a responsible adult. Having a place to call home can be part of the package.

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