San Diego State University Part-Time Jobs for Students

“University students are broke” is a classic stereotype. But is it just a stereotype?

Unfortunately, it’s more than that to most university students – a fact, perhaps. The thing is, tuition fees are typically costly, money isn’t always available, and those with access to funding often end up captive to hefty student loans.

For that reason, most college students opt to take on side gigs or rather part-time jobs to aid in financing their university studies. Most universities and colleges understand that, and some, like the San Diego State University, even offer on-campus job opportunities that can accommodate students working on a part-time basis.

SDSU makes a good case. The school allows its students to work at most 20 hours a week in session and up to 40 weeks during vacation breaks (spring and winter periods). However, international students should ensure they are permitted to work while studying in the U.S. If so, they should adhere to the number of hours stated in their visa.

San Diego State University Student Jobs

San Diego State University allows thousands of students to work on campus. From the library to department offices and from the Aztec Recreation Center (ARC) to the SDSU Bookstore, students can take advantage of the experience and flexibility accompanying on-campus SDSU jobs. A few remarkable SDSU employment programs include:


Through the SDSU’s Handshake platform, students have access to many volunteer opportunities, internships, and part-time jobs. Additionally, you can hardly miss job listings posted in department offices and on campus. In other words, job openings are available all through the academic year, and often, hundreds of these opportunities aren’t taken until classes begin.

Associated Students

The Associated Students offers jobs all around the SDSU academic year, and even better, during summer and winter sessions. The various departments accommodate flexible shifts to not interfere with the different students’ class schedules.

From the Viejas Arena to the SDSU Children’s Center, you’ll have a variety of positions to consider under the many A.S. programs and services. Also, job openings at A.S. have different working environments ranging from the great outdoors to office setups.

A few job listings at A.S. include:

Viejas Arena/OAT

  •       Administrative Student Assistant
  •       Tape Graphics Operator
  •       Technical Director
  •       Event Staff Supervisor
  •       Video Camera Operator

Mission Bay Aquatic Center

  •       Dockmaster Program Assistant
  •       Maintenance Program Assistant
  •       MBAC Office Assistant
  •       Paddling Instructor Lead
  •       Wakesports Instructor

Business Services

  •       Accounts Payable Assistant
  •       Human Resources Assistant
  •       Risk Management Assistant
  •       Accounts Receivable Assistant
  •       ITS Student Technician

Surprisingly, all the above opportunities are only a glimpse of all the available part-time job openings at Associated Students. Check their web page for more.


San Diego State University allows thousands of students to work on campus.

Aztec Shops

Aztec Shops Ltd is undoubtedly one of the biggest employers in SDSU, offering a diverse and fun job environment to college students. Besides offering part-time opportunities that accommodate busy academic schedules, Aztec Shops also features full-time gigs in distinct professional fields.

Some of the current part-time job openings at Aztec Shops Ltd. Include:

  •       Food Service Associate
  •       Dish Room Attendant (The Garden)
  •       Prep Cook (The Garden)
  •       Food Preparation Assistant (Bakeshop)
  •       Starbucks Barista (Student Union)

To view more job openings by Aztec Shops, visit their web page.

Library and Information Access

The SDSU Library receives a vast pool of job applications, which benefits current students who closely satisfy the expected requirements through an as-needed review basis. For more library job openings, visit the SDSU Library portal.


The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) is established to help graduate and undergraduate students meet their attendance costs. Some campus jobs are only exclusive to students eligible for FWS. So, learn more about the program from the school’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and check out their current job list.

Newspaper Classifieds

While most job openings are advertised through online recruitment platforms, newspapers can also help you land a gig. For instance, The San Diego Union-Tribune Newspaper, which is San Diego’s oldest business and most prominent media company, features a job classifieds section and even employs an online platform for the same. One notable job opening from the classifieds is a Part-time/Full-time Bookkeeper.

Part-Time Remote Jobs

It feels nice working from a location outside the corporate office, no doubt. Luckily, most businesses shifted their operations online after the pandemic, which saw many employees be allowed to work remotely. In other words, landing a remote gig is easier these days than ever before. Given the flexibility, such a work arrangement will undoubtedly prove super convenient for you, the student. Consider signing up on freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr and do the same on a few well-known job sites like Indeed to receive regular updates on available SDSU jobs.

A few remarkable openings available now from Indeed include:

  •       Student Assistant at KPBS Grants & Engagement
  •       Student Assistant – Graphic Design
  •       SDSU Alumni Engagement Officer (Best suited to graduate students)

Even more impressive, these are only but a few. Check Indeed for more details and additional SDSU job opportunities.

Taking your junior and senior years in student apartments rather than on-campus provides an opportunity to spread your wings, take on more responsibilities for yourself and prepare yourself for life after school. This kind of student living can be more expensive, however. You may need to take on a part-time job.

Part-Time Remote Jobs That You Will Actually Enjoy

Here are six part-time jobs that we think students will actually enjoy:

  • Working in Off-Campus Housing: You may be able to procure discounted or free off-campus housing by working there! Off-campus housing is more independent than normal living, but many universities will still have agreements with the surrounding properties. As such, they may need an RA or a “property manager” to help run the place. Here’s the best part – you may be able to take on this job while you work at one or more of the other jobs on this list!
  • Social Media Manager: When you are in university or college, you have built-in access to an audience that every business wants. As such, you may be able to make some great money as a social media manager. If the business ends up being popular with students, you have officially become a university “politician”! There’s nothing better than being the connector between students and services that students love. It gives you status, and you will have the money to stay in off-campus housing if you so choose.
  • Teaching Assistant: If you have a proven predilection towards certain subjects [read: good grades!], you can parlay that into extra income as a teaching assistant. Being a teaching assistant has added benefits on campus as well. You may gain credit toward your degree as well as extra money.
  • Campus Tech Support: If you love computers, especially digital security, campus tech support is a great way to gain some good bona fides in the world of IT without an internship. What’s more, you will be making money instead of volunteering your time. Once Career Day rolls around, you will have a leg up on your competition in the expanding world of digital security!
  • Peer Tutor: If you have more of an independent streak, you may be able to procure self-employment as a peer tutor! Exercise your entrepreneurial chops while staying in touch with the campus and having the ability to charge your own prices.
  • Tour Guide: Now that you have a bit of experience about the campus under your belt, you can start making money from it! Just as you were probably guided by a student tour guide when you first came to campus, newer prospects will need the same kind of guidance. Why not be a tour guide and possibly negotiate other benefits from the campus besides the salary? 
iconic on alvarado living room

Iconic on Alvarado’s location is super convenient: you’ll always have an easy time whether going to school or your off-campus part-time job.

Perfect Location for Working and Studying

Remote and part-time gigs are on the rise. For decades, remote working has been feasible for many. You may have at least overheard the phrase before in casual chats: “I work remotely now!” or “I just carry work with me every time I travel!”.

However, a conducive working environment is paramount, whether working remotely or not. You’re also likely to need high-speed network connectivity for the whole arrangement to work. You can have all that with Iconic on Alvarado’s student apartments, which would best suit current students of San Diego State University.

These apartments are fully furnished and available in different sizes; studio to 4-bedrooms. Best part? They offer high-speed wired and wireless internet, which is pretty convenient for your remote, part-time gig. Even better, the Iconic on Alvarado building is ideally situated for studying.

The building’s location is super convenient in that you’ll always have an easy time whether going to school or your off-campus part-time job. Also, these apartments feature additional amenities to help you focus on schoolwork when you need to.

So, if hunting for the best SDSU student apartments, there you go!