San Diego State University FAQs Guide for Students

The end of high school is glorious. But the transition also ushers in two panic seasons –one in the fall when you have to choose the university you want to apply to and in the early spring when you have to make the final decision.

By the time fall comes by in your senior year, you’ll have received an avalanche of brochures, texts, and emails with each detailing why you should join school A or B. But in case you’ve had your sights set on San Diego State University and would like to brush up on all the essential details, here’s a San Diego State University FAQ guide and everything you need to know.

Where is San Diego State University Located?

SDSU was founded in 1897 and is located in San Diego, California, just a 9.8-mile drive from Ocean  Beach and 7 miles from downtown. SDSU area sees approximately 21 days of rain in a year, with the hottest month being August with highs of 84°F and low of 68°F. December is the coldest month in this location, recording average lows of 51°F and high of 65°F.

Is San Diego State University a Good School?

SDSU is termed a good school because it has a long history of appearing on the Princeton Review Best 384 Colleges List. This review ranks schools in 8 categories and rated each one based on poll results from students from 384 US colleges about their experience in a school.

SDSU clinched the 7th spot in the 2021 list in the Lots of Greek Life category. Greek life is code for the social organizations or fraternities and sororities found at colleges and universities. It has three main advantages: a chance to form lifelong friendships, good leadership opportunities for your CV, and participation in charity.

Other than scoring high for Greek Life, SDSU retains 89% of SDSU’s first-year students, and about three-quarters of first-time freshmen graduate within a 6-year or shorter window.

Plus, it ranks at number 148 among national universities countrywide according to the 2022 Best Colleges Edition. 


SDSU is best known for its rich international experience and for providing transformational research, internships, mentoring, and leadership opportunities with access to more than 300 clubs and organizations.


Yes. SDSU is a public research university and one of the oldest under the California State University System. 

A CSU bases courses on practical applications and careers not based on research. It also awards bachelor’s degrees at their highest level.

The upside with a CSU is a much more comprehensive range of options -more than double what UCs offer. 

Does SDSU Require Letters of Recommendation?

You need several things to apply for a graduate program at SDSU:

  •   Cal State Apply university application
  •   Official transcripts and test scores
  •   A separate program application may require a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and other materials.

What is SDSU Best Known for?

SDSU is best known for its rich international experience and for providing transformational research, internships, mentoring, and leadership opportunities with access to more than 300 clubs and organizations. It contributes enough research to rank first in the CSU for federal research support.

Beyond that, SDSU has multiple sustainability and entrepreneurship opportunities, a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), and a Division I Athletics Program.

According to the U.S. News & World Report, as far as diversity goes, it is among the top 40 schools in the country, according to the U.S. News & World Report.

How Much is SDSU Tuition?

Tuition expenses at SDSU amount to $31,484 for residents and $43,364 for non residents. This figure includes tuition, food and housing, transportation, and other costs such as books, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses.

The Trustees of the California State University can change these costs at any time and without notice.

What Are Majors Offered at SDSU?

SDSU offers both general and specialized majors to its  34,512 students conducted through a semester-based academic calendar. The following majors are the most popular:

  •   General Business Administration and Management
  •   General Psychology
  •   General Sports, Kinesiology, and Physical Education/Fitness
  •   Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies
  •   Mechanical Engineering
  •   General Biology/Biological Sciences
  •   General Economics
  •   Criminal Justice/Safety Studies
  •   General Art/Art Studies
  •   Computer Science

Does SDSU Offer a Nursing Program?

 SDSU offers an undergraduate pre-licensed Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program to incoming Freshmen if you’re admitted through Direct-Entry, are a transfer student from a community college or four-year institution, or are a second baccalaureate student.

A student who graduates with an ADN or Diploma in Nursing can pursue a Bachelor of Science degree through the RN to BSN program.

Does SDSU Offer Jobs to Students?

Yes. SDSU offers thousands of jobs to students on campus annually. You can get part-time jobs, internships, and volunteering opportunities in different departments, the library, bookstore, and more areas through the Handshake portal. Department offices also post listings throughout the year when opportunities arise.

Is SDSU a Party School?

Playboy Magazine has frequently ranked SDSU among the top ten party schools in the country, and in August 2021, SDSU was on the news again for holding a wild party that left residents upset and concerned over spreading COVID-19.

The recent rankings from Stacker place SDSU as number 25 on the list of top 50 party schools in the country.

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Is There Off-Campus Housing at SDSU?

Yes. Off-campus SDSU student apartments are a great option with many benefits over student dorms:

  • It is cheaper.
  • You have more independence and privacy.
  • Better and quieter space for studying.
  • It allows you to build an excellent renting history to make it easier to find an apartment after graduating.
  • You can cook whatever you want.
  • Better bathrooms.

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