Part-Time Jobs You’ll Actually Enjoy

Part-Time Jobs You’ll Actually Enjoy

Taking your junior and senior years in student apartments rather than on campus provides an opportunity to spread your wings, take on more responsibilities for yourself and prepare yourself for life after school. This kind of student living can be more expensive, however. You may need to take on a part-time job!

Fortunately, the new global, digital economy has combined with the traditional economy to provide new, exciting opportunities for part-time jobs. Here are part-time jobs that students who need a bit of money to afford off-campus housing will actually enjoy

Working in Off-Campus Housing

You may be able to procure discounted or free off-campus housing by working there! Off-campus housing is more independent than normal living, but many universities will still have agreements with the surrounding properties. As such, they may need an RA or a “property manager” to help run the place. Here’s the best part – you may be able to take on this job while you work at one or more of the other jobs on this list!

Social Media Manager

When you are in university or college, you have built-in access to an audience that every business wants. As such, you may be able to make some great money as a social media manager. If the business ends up being popular with students, you have officially become a university “politician”! There’s nothing better than being the connector between students and services that students love. It gives you status, and you will have the money to stay in off-campus housing if you so choose.

Teaching Assistant

If you have a proven predilection towards certain subjects [read: good grades!], you can parlay that into extra income as a teaching assistant. Being a teaching assistant has added benefits on campus as well. You may gain credit toward your degree as well as extra money.

Campus Tech Support

If you love computers, especially digital security, campus tech support is a great way to gain some good bona fides in the world of IT without an internship. What’s more, you will be making money instead of volunteering your time. Once Career Day rolls around, you will have a leg up on your competition in the expanding world of digital security!

Peer Tutor

If you have more of an independent streak, you may be able to procure self-employment as a peer tutor! Exercise your entrepreneurial chops while staying in touch with the campus and having the ability to charge your own prices.

Tour Guide

Now that you have a bit of experience about the campus under your belt, you can start making money from it! Just as you were probably guided by a student tour guide when you first came to campus, newer prospects will need the same kind of guidance. Why not be a tour guide and possibly negotiate other benefits from the campus besides the salary?