5 Fabulous Cheap Eats Under $10 in San Diego

Sunny San Diego, California has some cheap eats for students looking to save a few bucks when dining out with their friends.

While living away from home can get lonely, and finding great food options near your apartment or dorm can make college life more endurable. Additionally, we know nothing can beat mom’s cooking, and cooking at home can get tedious. Sometimes a great meal with classmates can help students study for an exam, build community with their friends, and even fortify them with sustenance for hours-long lectures given by university professors.

Why Students Need to Save Money When Dining Out

College students are usually on a budget unless, of course, they have a trust fund to dip into like Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift. University is expensive, too, especially in San Diego or elsewhere in California. Aside from tuition and books, there’s still transportation, personal expenses, equipment for labs, school and activity fees, and so much more. Finding a few affordable spots to dine at near the University of San Diego, University of San Diego, California, or San Diego City College can mean the difference between a balanced budget and going broke.

Peabody’s Burgers is a wood-lined roadhouse doling out big burgers tacos & pub fare has booth seating & a patio.

Great Cheap Restaurants That Serve Under $10 Dishes in San Diego

Thanks to some great restaurants that serve dishes all well under $10, students can live well at college without breaking the bank.

Let’s start with the infamous college bar and grill. Every college town has one, and San Diego is no different. Try Peabody’s Burgers off of Friar’s Road for a cheap burger and beer. Not many places in San Diego serve a burger for $8.50, but they do.

On Linda Vista Road, students can find cheap eats at JT Thai Street Food. Also offering Postamtes and DoorDash delivery for those late-night study sessions, the hungry can find Chicken Satay, Tofu, and Lettuce Wraps for $6.00, and veggie eggrolls for under a dollar.

Hodadie’s Downtown near San Diego City College offers an array of burgers for under $10 and some sandwiches like a veggie burger or a fried chicken sandwich for $6.50 and under.

For Mediterranean food, try The Kebab Shop, where students can dine on wraps, saffron rice, chicken and lamb kabobs, falafels, hummus, Greek salad, grilled beef meatballs, and many vegetarian items at highly reasonable prices.

The Taco Stand on 645 B Street is a staple for cheap eats. With handmade corn tortillas and food inspired by Tijuana and the Baja Peninsula, students can dine deliciously for less than $4.00 a taco, even for Mahi Mahi!

Great Food & A Great Place to Rest

After dining out, affordably, with friends, students deserve to return home to a comfortable and safe environment like the apartment homes provided by Iconic On Alvarado. With proximity to university campuses and great food locations that don’t cost a fortune, students can get the best education possible and build relationships with other students who may become lifelong friends.